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Ozan Yalabik

He is well known for storytelling, distinctive style within his work. He began his career first in TV channels as a director assistant and he continued as a director. He has a long list of credits, including the reality shows,entertainment programs, sit-com TV series, live sport games and in 2011, first international experience for Euro sport . 
Then he passed to advertisement and became director of many national and international commercials.He directed over 200 commercials for such brands as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Vodaphone, Turkcell, QNB Bank, Garanti Bank, Total, Fiat,Mc Donald’s, Patos, Sek, Ikea, Ulker,Lays.and many more, winning numerous accolades like Cyrstal Apple, Effie, Felis.

Ozan Yalabik while continues to make commercials and is preparing to shoot his feature film in 2020.