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Mik’s career started in 1993 working his way up the through the camera department as a camera assistant and focus puller in London. Working with many revered commercial directors such

as Gerard De Thame, Paul Weiland, Dante Ariola and David Lodge he soon got a thorough understanding of the film business as a whole.


The next step was a focus puller on feature films. Film credits include:


The Mummy 1 &2, Gosford Park, Love Actually, The Jackal, GoldenEye 2nd Unit and the Saint 2nd Unit.


Having served his time as an assistant by 2004 it was time to take the step to be a DOP. Still working out of London this step up also opened up to extensive travel and foreign assignments learning the role rapidly in diverse and varied situations.

When London based his TV commercial credits included:


Audi, Mercedes, BMW, British Airways, HSBC, Barclays Bank, New York Times, Verizon, Orange Telecommunications and numerous others.


Now based in the UAE, he works extensively across the Gulf region and still continues to shoot across Asia and Europe.


Directors worked within MENA region : Ali Mostafa, Majid Alansari, Nayla Al Khaja, Amin Dora, Emile Salaity, Marc Chaloub, Henri Bassil, Zayat, Henri Barges, Ivo Mosterman, Darius Norowzian.


Taking on automotive projects in the role of Director/DOP is now his main focus mainly in the MENA region


Formats comfortable with


16mm, 35mm, Arri Alexa, RED Weapon & Dragon, DSLR’s

Extensive use of Anamorphic Format


Has been fortunate enough to shoot on IMAX

Mik Allen DOP