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Nadir Bekar

Nadir Bekar was born in London England in the early 70’s. He studied the Fine Arts in an Art school where he realized that his true talents lay in design. His ambitions led him to the University of East Anglia in Cambridge where he graduated with a Bachelors of fine arts degree in Graphic design Audio Visualizing.


He pursued his carrier for several years as a visual effects artist working on over a 1000 TV commercials, pop video & cinema films combined.


Nadir taught, guided and encouraged many young creative artists to follow in his footsteps while he pursued his passion for directing. His achievements and success followed year after year.


In 2008 Nadir awoke a lot of emotions in people with the series of TV commercials he shot for the tremendously successful advertising campaign - Humanrights by Rafineri Ajans for Hurriyet Gazetesi. In 2008 Nadir won a Kristal Elma for these commercials.


In 2011 he won the award for best music video director of the year at Kral Tv music awards. Not only has he proven himself to be very ambitious & inspiring in the world of animation and special effects, he has undoubtedly proven himself to be very successful and also very influential in the world of advertising.

His motto in life is to work hard and enjoy the benefits…