Paulo Henriques

Paulo Henriques graduated from AAA school of advertising in South Africa where he graduated as a graphic designer. After working for 3 years in a number of top South African agencies he quickly realised that it was behind the camera that he wanted to be.


After training as an editor in South Africa and learning the art of editing he was offered a position as the head editor at Tangerina Azul in Portugal where once agin he got to work with the top directors in Portugal. It took him 4 years to finally feel ready to move behind the camera and start directing. He quickly established himself as a leading director. He has won numerous awards nationally and internationally as an editor and as a director including a gold medal at the prestiges New York Film Festival.


Paulo´s work includes a unique and vast range of subject matter that he developed while editing for an array of directors with different styles, although he is particularly well know international for his innovative work with 3D animation combined with live action. Bit if you ask him, he will just tell you that he just likes to tell stories.


Paulo has worked with an array of high profile clients from all around the world including Mercedes Benz, Apple, Renault, Adidas, Vodafone, TMN Mobile, Amstel Malta, Pedras Mineral water, Super Bock, Unitel and so many more.