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Director and producer of numerous short films, music videos, TV programmes, and TV commercials for many brands and advertising agencies in Turkey and abroad.

He is a human centered storyteller and excellent at directing actors.

In 2009, he also began teaching in Akademi İstanbul about production, directing, and editing. Giving lectures and workshops in various universities. In 2015-6, he directed 3 feature movies; "Tehlikeyle Flört", "Seytan Tüyü" for theathers and "Imkansiz Olasilik" (Improbable Probability) for TV.

He is also the founding partner and general manager of KUTU Film Music Limited Company, actually specialized in features. Kutu Film produced feature film titled “Başka Dilde Aşk” (Love in Another Language) in 2009.

Murat Senoy