Hayk Kirakosyan - Director/DP

Hayk Kirakosyan was born in USSR in 1962. His father was an engineer-designer and his mother was an electronics engineer. His interest in cinema started at age of 11 when he began to study photography at Art school and subsequently continued his education in Cinematography department at State Institute of Cinema (VGIK.Moscow). He graduated from Vladimir Monakhov’s class as a valedictorian student when he was 22. As a student, he was employed as a trainee camera assistant with famous cinematographers such as Leonid Kalashnikov, Albert Yavuryan and Levon Atoyants. After completeing education at VGIK (MFA), he started to work as a cinematographer on several short and full-length documentary, feature and animation films bout. At the same time, between 1987 and 1991, he was a lecturer at the Cinema Television Department Faculty of State Pedagogical Institute (Yerevan, USSR). Since 1991, Kirakosyan working both in Armenia and Russia. In addition, between 1994-1999, he was a cameraman MPS TV, editor In Paradise Production and director in VKT TV in Moscow. In 2000, he moved to Istanbul, Turkey. Keeping to work on both feature projects, commercial films and music videos in Turkey, Russia and Armenia.


Kirakosyan nine times has been awarded as a “Best Cinematographer” at different International Film Festivals. Since 2006, teaching “Cinematography” and “ Advanced Cinematography” courses at Kadır Has, BAU universities and Plato College of Higher education. Kırakosyan has several of workshop experience at the Marmara (İstanbul) and Bılkent (Ankara) universities, 6.45 Art Club (Eskişehir), Bursa International Film Festival, Atif Yilmaz Turkish National Film School between 2007 and 2010. In 2008 he was a jury member at the Adana «Golden Cocoon», in 2014 at the Antalya «Golden Orange» and in 2017 at the Malatya International Film Festivals. Since 1991, Kirakosyan is a member of the Filmmakers Union of Russia and member of the Guild of Cinematographers of Russia (R.G.C). Since 2005 member of European Federation of Cinematographers from Russia (IMAGO). Since 2014 member of the Turkish Society of Cinematographers.