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Kagan Erturan- Director

Kagan Erturan was born in 1961 in Turkey. He has graduated from Bosphorus University, Istanbul. He lived in Los Angeles in his younger years and worked as a film editor in the film industry.


Currently he is living in Istanbul and working as director and producer in TV commercials, TV series and features. He has been collaborating with big brands like P&G.


Kagan now is greatly acknowledged for creating films with babies, kids and directing them perfectly with humor.


He has two daughters.

He is a Turkish and American citizen.




Countless TV commercials                                     Director

Yeditepe Istanbul 2000 (tv series – 3 seasons)      Producer

Ters Yuz  2006 (TV sitcom)                                       Director – Producer

The Happiest of Places 2010 (feature film)            Director – Producer