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Fatih Turker - DOP


Fatih Turker was born in 1977. He graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication in 1998.


He has worked for international brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, L'oreal, Samsung all over the world from Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominic Republic, Germany, France, Monaco, Spain, UK, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Khatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia, Brazil, China, to Mexico, managed with multi-national teams.


Fatih is highly skilled in “Hyperlapse and Flowmotion” shooting technique, experienced in beauty and hair commercials. His works have received various awards from different countries.


2018 Filli Boya / 8 March World Women’s Days Social Media Awards Turkey


        - Digital Special Online Commercial / Gold Award Winner


2018 Corona / Este Espíritu-"Circulo de Oro" Awards - Mexico


         - Best Director / Gold Award Winner

         - Best Editing / Gold Award Winner

         - Best Photography / Silver Award Winner

         - Audio Production Technique / Silver Award Winner


2016 Essence of Qatar

         - NEW YORK FILM FESTIVALS / Best Tv and Films “Industrial Productions” /

           Destination Brand Film Category / Gold World Award “Essence of Qatar”

         - EVCOM / Screen Award / “Essence of Qatar” / Best video

         - Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award / Corporate Films and Videos / Tourism Films / Silver Winner


2015 Coca-Cola /Color your summer


         - Felis Award / Best Audio and Visual Effect

         - Felis Award / Best Director of Photography


2012 “Tu Ez Moi” (Delete Me) / Short Movie 17min / as Dp

           Monaco Int. Film Festival / Jury’s Special Mention Award Winner